Our Story

No long ago, we were in your shoes

--Running large, successful online businesses and building clean, customer-centric website and mobile app experiences for millions of users. Our leadership team is experienced, and battle tested, having managed product development and engineering processes at some of the biggest and most successful digital marketplaces. We love to share our user-focused, measurement driven framework for product development with clients at all points along your company’s growth curve.

Places our leadership team has worked

Our model is to deeply partner with our clients, embed as teammates, understand your customer’s needs and desires, and then design and build world-class software that exceeds your customers' expectations and drives real growth.

Paul Zeckser
Our Values

When working together, it is important to know you can trust your Fresh team implicitly.

We are a values driven, purpose filled team of professional technologists. We believe in:

Ownership and trust

Earn respect and show respect to your teammates, without them you won’t be successful

Ship and iterate

Iterate the product experience quickly; be flexible and nimble

Measure everything

Data analysis is the mother of real innovation and growth

Outcome driven

Great products drive real business outcomes


Create experiences and reflect 
a deep understanding and respect for your users needs

Be kind over clever

At the end of the day, know you lifted others up and left things a little better than you found them

Our People

Fresh recruits and works with rock stars.

We have a seasoned line-up of full-time and part-time talent, based in the United States 
and internationally. We are committed to build a company and culture that respects and embraces everyone’s similarities and differences; knowing that our diversity is a key to our success. At Fresh, you will find people with:

  • Sharp minds
  • Empathetic personalities
  • Integrity
  • Big hearts
  • Hard work & GRIT
  • Amazing humor

Leadership Team

Featured photo

Paul Zeckser

Paul Zeckser is the founder and leader of Fresh Product Design. Prior to starting Fresh, Paul was a member of the senior leadership team that, over 11 years, grew ServiceMagic from a ~$200M company to the $6B publicly-traded leader in the home improvement marketplace, now called ANGI Homeservices (NASDAQ: ANGI).

Paul leverages his experience as SVP of product at HomeAdvisor, where he led a team of 40 product manager, product designers and product analysts to guide Fresh’s product strategy and product management work for clients. After living in Washington DC, Boston and a year in Europe, Paul and his family have settled in Colorado.

Head of Product Strategy
Liz Cadkin
Chief Technology Officer
Neil Poulin
Head of Design
Kynley Wallace

Our Scale

We have been working with talent from across the globe long before the pandemic

Buenos Aires
Buenos Aires

We routinely partner with designers, engineers, and talented teams abroad, building hybrid US/international teams that fit our clients needs. We prefer to work in time zones similar to the US where possible, but are open to great teammates everywhere.

Friends of Fresh

Every party is better when you bring friends. At Fresh, we value the relationships and experiences of
our former colleagues so much, that we still come back to them for ideas and help.

Katie Blackman

UI/UX Engineer & Designer

Zach Case

Front-End Engineer

Alyssa Klein

Product Designer

Justin Lang

DevOps Engineer

Nick Malozzi

Front-End Engineer

Kyle Sweeney

Front-end Engineer

Valentine Siefermann

SEO/Customer Acquisition

Lee Spiegler

Commercial and Corporate Attorney

Brian Wilson

Operations Executive