our approach

At Fresh, we believe the discovery process is foundational to a successful product launch.

Whether you want to improve an existing product or build a new product, knowing your customer and their unmet needs is critical to building the right product.

our discovery & ideation toolkit

Competitive Analysis

We examine the competition to identify what they do right, where they fall short, and what differentiates your product from the pack.

  • Value Proposition Analysis
  • Feature Comparison
  • Scale & Performance Analysis
  • User Reviews

User & Stakeholder Feedback

Through extensive interviews, surveys, and user testing we gain critical insights that will become foundational to the product strategy.

  • Interviews
  • User Reviews
  • User Testing
  • Dogfooding
  • Session Recordings

Ideate, Prototype, Validate

We synthesize all the data collected and conceive of new ideas to prototype and validate through rapid user testing.

  • Design Studio Sessions
  • Rapid Prototyping
  • User Testing
  • Session Recordings

friend of fresh spotlight

Elizabeth Cadkin

Head of Product

We love to spend time learning about customers, competitors and general market trends. Getting to the heart of what customer's want and expect is critical for product-market fit.