our approach

Product usage and satisfaction is constantly changing.

That’s why we start collecting and analyzing performance data as soon as your product is available to customers. We deep dive and pinpoint exactly where things are going well and where optimization is needed. This is an ongoing process for new products and established products alike.

our measure & iterate toolkit

Performance Tracking

Through in-depth data analysis we can continually optimize the strategy. As we collect more data we will validate our hypothesis and identify new findings.

  • Fall Outs
  • Pathing
  • Audience Segmentation


Gut instinct only gets you so far. We craft effective and accurate tests that enable you to truly understand which variation of a product is performing the best.

  • A/B Testing
  • Market Testing

friend of fresh spotlight

Liz Cadkin

Head of Product

Everyone knows the saying, "you can't managed what you don't measure." Well, we live it. Performance measurement is at the heart of everything we do. Setting up proper analytics early on in a project allows more thoughtful iteration in the future.